During the Spring 2020 semester, thirteen artists across various disciplines in the Book Arts field were interviewed by student in the letterpress and artist's book studio courses at Scripps College in Claremont, California. The interviews cover artwork and studio practice details as well as how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting artists, their motivation and creative process. 

The following Letterpress and Artist's Book students conducted interviews:

Lindsey Tam (Pomona) and Hayley Pierpont (Scripps) - Hanji maker Aimee Lee

Kennedy Price (Pitzer) – designer and letterpress printer Ben Blount

Alexandra Loumidis (Harvey Mudd) - artist and educator Bridget Elmer

Fiona Baler (Pitzer) - photographer and pop-up artist Colette Fu

Jennifer Bass (Pitzer) - writer Danielle Evans

Isabel “Isa” Downes-Le Guin (Pitzer) – poet Duriel E. Harris

Natalie  Ayala (Pitzer) - printer and craftsperson Grendl ​Löfkvist

Caroline Joseph (Pitzer) - mail artist and bookmaker Jennie Hinchcliff

Teodelina Martelli (Pomona) – visual artist Kyle Holland

Serenity Wade (Harvey Mudd) - Ray Nichols and Jill Cypher of Lead Graffiti

Eleanor "Ellie" Furness (Scripps) - visual artist and publisher Sarah Nicholls

Victoria “Tori” Ramirez (Pitzer) - Shaye Remba of Mixografia

Celia Draycott (Pitzer) - typist and book artist Sheryl Oring

Special thanks to the student interviewers and the interviewees for their hard work during this chaotic and unprecedented time.